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The Romanov Women Who Ruled Russia essays

The Romanov Women Who Ruled Russia essays The last Royal line to rule Russia was the Romanovs, out of this house six women ruled Russia. Sophia Alekseevna Romanov was acting Regent over Tsars Ivan V and Peter I from 1682 - 1689. Peter Is second wife Catherine I, would rule from 1725 -1727 after Peters death. Anne Ivanovna then ruled for ten years after the death of Peter II in 1730. For one year Anna Leopoldovna would be regent of her son Ivan VI. Elizabeth Petrovna would take control in 1741 and rule for 21 years. The last woman to rule Russia was Catherine II from 1762 1796 after the death of Peter III. Each would come in to power in their own way, but all would rule in the tsarist tradition. Tsarevna Sophia was born on September 17, 1657. The prospects of Sophia ruling Russia, with five brothers, was slight. Sophia however was tutored by Simeon Polotsky along with her brothers. Her middle brother Simeon died in June of 1669 and Aleksei the heir-apparent died in January of 1670. When Tsar Aleksei I died in January of 1676 the frail Fedor III became Tsar at fourteen. Some say this is when Sophia had her first taste of power as she was always at Fedor III side and that she even ruled through him. When Fedor III died four years later with no living heirs, the handicapped Ivan V at sixteen and younger half-brother Peter I at nine were both crowned tsar after the Rebellion of 1682. Again it has been said the Sophia had plotted with the streltsy guards before the rebellion, but in all accounts she did emerge as the main figure of authority during this three day period. It was then petitioned that Sophia supervise over both of the young tsars till they were able (mainly Ivan VI, who would always need guidance) to rule on their own. So Tsarevna Sophia Alekseevna Romanov was now regent of all Russia. During Sophias Regency, art, architecture and literature would display a distinctive new style referred to as &apos...

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Summery Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Summery - Essay Example (Richardson) Most of the people believe that teachers are reluctant in implementing changes in their teaching strategies because they feel threatened, defensive, and perhaps rushed when somebody demands change in their methods. In fact teachers undertake change voluntarily, following their sense of what their students need and what is working. Voluntary change is what teachers actually do in their classrooms; it does not necessarily lead to exemplary teaching (Richardson) The induction teacher’s and experienced teacher’s approach to the change management may be different. The induction teachers experienced more change in their beliefs than their practices, whereas experienced teachers demonstrated more change in their practices than their beliefs. (Luft,p. 531) The experienced teachers always have a strong belief in the traditional methods of teaching; but they were forced to change their practices because of the external pressure from the authorities. On the other hand, the induction teachers may not have much practical experiences and their beliefs also may not be adequate. So they will be more flexible as far as change in beliefs is concerned. â€Å"If all teachers make decisions autonomously, the schooling of an individual student could be quite incoherent and ineffective. This, too, suggests that help, direction, or encouragement provided to staff rather than to individuals could be necessary to promote change that is valuable to the learner† (Richardson) Beliefs are critical when it comes to understanding a teacher’s practice. For example, two mathematics teachers with similar knowledge may taught in different ways. Understanding of beliefs was more useful in predicting teachers’ classroom decisions (Luft & Roehrig p.40) Institutions cannot behave like a market place where all the deals were based on competitions and bargaining. It should be functioned in a

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Business Issues in Business Intelligence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Business Issues in Business Intelligence - Essay Example vels of a corporation to more simply access, identify, evaluate, collaborate, and perform operations on information, anywhere and anytime (TechTarget; Microsoft). Though, many business intelligence tools work fine and help organizations take better decisions. They provide exact targets, graphs, drill-through and drill-downs. However, a great deal of work in an operational data warehouse system entails processing of data collected from different operational systems into the data warehouse. In this process of decision making and making intelligible decisions, there exist many problems regarding ETL (extraction, transformation and loading). In other words, while collecting huge amount of data from different sources we can face many issues regarding ETL. These issues can also influence the overall quality of decisions and business operations. In addition, ETL can entail substantial complexity and significant operational problems those can take place due to improperly designed ETL systems that can eventually influence the performance of BI system’s working and operations (Scott). The successful implementation of BI requires plenty of data analysis and evaluation. In this scenario we need to assess the quality of data in predicting the results. On the other hand, data warehouses are normally assembled from a mixture of data sources with different formats as well as purposes. In this scenario, ETL is a key process to bring the entire data together in a standard and uniform structure. In case a problem happens to ETL process overall working and operations of the corporate decision support can be exaggerated. In addition, it will lead to ineffective and lower quality results. Moreover, major issues in ETL can include: (Kimball and Caserta; Kimball and Ross, The Data Warehouse Toolkit: The Complete Guide to Dimensional Modeling, 2nd Edition) The presence of any of the above listed issues can affect the implementation of business intelligence. These issues can also lead

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Of mice and men dramatically conveys to us the vital importance of dreams in helping us to deal Essay Example for Free

Of mice and men dramatically conveys to us the vital importance of dreams in helping us to deal Essay Of mice and men dramatically conveys to us the vital importance of dreams in helping us to deal; with the often difficult realities of our lives. In this novella by John Steinbeck, some characters had dreams to get them out of difficult realities, their dreams helped them to combat the loneliness and hopelessness of there existence. George Milton and Lenny Small, two poor homeless migrant workers who belonged nowhere and to know one were doomed to a life of wandering and toil, in which they will neve be able to reap the fruits of there labour. The one thing that that kept them strong through this repetitive and useless life was a dream. Someday were gonna get the jack together and were gonna have a little house and a couple of acres an a cow and some pigs (George- pg 14). It was a dream that was shared by every American worker, to have a place of their own, the opportunity to work for themselves and know one to give them orders. For Lenny the dream was very much real, it helped him to cope with the boredom that he faced and he always went to sleep happy thinking about tending the rabbits. For George on the other hand, the dream was at first like a fairytale he told Lenny to bring a smile upon his face and the promise of tending the rabbits helped him to stay out of trouble but all the while he was very optimistic about the dream and felt that there was no way it would become a reality. Georges first views towards the dream were soon changed when Candy found out about what they were planning, he offers financial help and suddenly a new view is seen of the dream. This unexpected offer by Candy means that the dream is no longer a fantasy and finally all the pain and suffering might have payed off for George, Lenny and Candy but the threat to the fulfilment of this dream is ever present in Lennys behaviour and in the end its Lennys uncontrollable actions which finally destroy dream. The dream is constantly changing, at first it was just a story told by George to cheer up Lenny, then in the middle it seemed like it would come true and finally in the end it was apparent that everyones dreams were shattered with Lenny as the only exception, because he dies happy with the picture of the dream in his head. Candy wishes to share in the dream with George and Lenny because he is becoming old and useless like his dog, he has nowhere to go to and now one to care about him and unlike his dog theyre not going to take him out and shoot him, instead there going to put him in an old folks home where he will feel lonely and have no freedom. By joining Lenny and George he can live out his days happy and free, forever safe knowing he wont be canned. Once Candy realises that the dream is more or less a reality he stands up for what he believes in with dignity and courage, something he didnt do before he realised the dream was within reach. Candy realises that he doesnt have to be the useless old cripple anymore because he can live the rest of his life happy, without being told what to do. Candys dream ended in a pessimistic way because all he wanted got destroyed leaving him with nothing and hence left in the same way he was before the dream- old, useless and hanging onto his job by a thread. Crooks dream was to be respected and not judged by his colour, he too wanted to live on the ranch with Candy, George and Lenny. Crooks is an example of the bitterness, anger and hopelessness that a black American struggling to be recognised as a human being is faced with. At first Crooks was most cynical about the dream of owning a ranch but the dream was powerful enough to convince him that it was the real thing for a few moments only to be shattered by Curleys wife who made it clear that there is no way a black, crippled outcast such as himself would ever make such a dream a reality. That statement that Curlys wife made, made Crooks realise that he was nothing more than an outcast and what she said was in a way true, with that all the hopes and dreams of Crooks were crushed. Like Crooks, Curleys wife is stricken with isolation and sadness. She was out of place on the ranch and because of that she was a really lonesome person with lonesome feelings and hence was often desperate for someone to talk to. Throughout the novel Curleys wife stirred up many emotions among the workers of the ranch, such as the way she looked and acted lead other characters in the novel to see her as a tart. Curlys wife indulged in a dream which had already passed her by, leaving her with a life of empty hope. Like many young women, she aspired to stardom in films after being wrongly told that she was a natural. At first she seemed cold hearted and set herself to make trouble but then it became apparent that she was just lonely adn wanted someone to talk to and as Curley was not interested in hearing about her hopes or dreams, the only person she found willing to listen to was Lenny.

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The Rhetoric of Pathos in the Writings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Es

The Rhetoric of Pathos in the Writings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. "I have a dream," says Dr. Samuel Proctor, Martin Luther King, Jr. Professor Emeritus of Rutgers University. "All the little children--you hear everywhere you go: 'I have a dream.' All the little children repeating that speech. It's become like the 'Star Spangled Banner' or the 'Pledge of Allegiance.' It's entered our culture." And so it has: "I have a dream" has become one of the most memorable phrases of the twentieth century. Of all the many speeches delivered at the Lincoln Memorial on that hot, steamy day of August 28, 1963, no other remarks have had such an impact as those of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His words reflected then, and continue to do so now, the deep sense of pathos in the plight of African-Americans throughout the United States, a socio-economic and political context rooted in injustices orchestrated by unfair, discriminatory practices that were designed to intimidate and dominate the nation's African-Americans behind a veneer of social and political platitudes a ccepted as givens by others in the same society. Those easy assumptions Dr. King challenged in his reflections on the African-American's experience to that time. What set apart his remarks from all the others that day, however, were elements of style--an oratorical style--that Dr. King had honed in speech after speech for years. He was, in fact, a much practiced orator. A comparison of almost any set of his remarks reveals the key to the dramatic sense of pathos that still accent his works for readers today. The distinguishing features of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s style which so personalize his works are his rich allusions, figures of speech, and parallelism. These th... ...uinas, an unjust law is a human law that is not rooted in eternal and natural law. Any law that uplifts human personality is just. Any law that degrades human personality is unjust (293). In the name of eternal and natural law, Dr. King joined in the long train of reformers, dating in the American and Western tradition to Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience, to the Continental Congress's "Declaration of Independence," and John Locke's apostrophe to democracy, his "Essay on Civil Government." Dr. King's words still urge us all to sharpen our sensitivity to universal law that makes each of us "free at last." Works Cited King, Martin Luther, Jr. "I Have a Dream." A Testament of Hope. San Francisco: Harper and Row, 1986. 217-220. King, Martin Luther, Jr. "Letter from Birmingham City Jail." A Testament of Hope.  San Francisco: Harper and Row, 1986. 289-302.

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Autocratic & Democratic Leader Essay

Barack Hussein Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 1961. His father was from Kenya and his mother was from Kansas. He was raised with help from his grandfather and grandmother. His achievements were all based on hard work, determination and perseverance. In college, he was supported by his scholarship and student loans. He then went to law school and obtained the pose of the president of the Harvard Law Review and being the first ever African-American to obtain it. On November 4, 2008, he was elected as President of the United States of America. He is the first ever black American to get such a high pose in history. Barack Obama is currently the 44th president in the United States. In Oprah. com, it is illustrated that Barack Obama is conscientious (Dzubow, 2009). It is one of the big five personality aspects that he possesses. Barack Obama quoted in his website that he keeps a to-do-list in his desk and that as long as he can count on the society to be a part, they would find a way to continue to make progress on all the campaigns (Fuller, 2013). This is to motivate the people and giving them the will to take part in his campaigns. This shows his determination to achieve what he has started. The second big five personality aspect is neuroticism. He is known to have low neuroticism because he his secure in everything that he says or does. His famous quotes like â€Å"Yes We Can† and â€Å"Change We Need† (Goodreads, 2013) during his speeches shows that he is very confident in what he is doing. Barack Obama is a democratic leader in the United States of America. Recently, he organized a fund raising campaign for Democratic House candidates (Byrne & Geiger, 2013). The procedure of the fundraising campaign is based on the amount that the society contributes. At $1,000, a reception ticket will be given. $5,000 would be given two reception tickets and a photo. A dinner ticket with the democrats and a photo would be given if $10,000 is contributed. $32,400 would be given two dinner tickets, a photo and given the honour to seat anywhere during the dinner. Finally, at 50,000, a table would be complemented, a photo, and preferred seating as well. With this, it would gather many of the residents of Chicago to join and help out in this fundraising campaign. A significant of Barack Hussein Obama was when he received the award of the noble peace prize. Based on his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples (Oslo, 2009), he was awarded with the prize in the year 2009. Obama’s vision was to work for a world with no more nuclear weapons. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed Mahathir Mohamed was born on December 20, 1925, in Alor Setar, Kedah. He was brought up in a modest but stable family. His father was a teacher at and English language school. He attended medical school at the University of Malaya in Singapore after he graduated from college. He became active in UMNO and got a seat in the House of Representatives in 1964. He reached the pose of becoming a prime minister in 1981. He sustained his position for 22 years, which is by far the longest pose that has been remained in the history of Malaysia (The Biography Channel website, 2013). One of the personalities that Mahathir possesses is his openness to experience. In 1996, when Malaysia had an eight percent economic expansion, Mahathir was determined to lift Malaysia with a vision. That vision was called Vision 2020. His idea of this innovative vision was to motivate others to work together in order to achieve a better future (The Biography Channel website, 2013). Another one of his personalities is his conscientiousness. Having the new goal which is vision 2020, he made a speech about it and illustrated that by 2020 he is confident that he would succeed. He stated that the goal of vision 2020 cannot be achieved if there is no unity in Malaysia. It would also be affected if there is no confidence in the society. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed is an autocratic leader. As he stated, democracy is a recipe for disaster which shows that he is an anti – democrat, he complained that people are too irresponsible to govern themselves. He also quoted a few examples about democratic countries that were unsuccessful due to strikes and demonstrations (Ignatius, 2012). His significant factor that he contributed was to implement the idea of Vision 2020 which motivated many Malaysians to turn a new leaf. Creating a good mindset for them and letting them know that they are capable of uniting and working together. Also, bringing up a positive slogan for the country called ‘Malaysia Boleh’ (mthago, 2010). Reflection From these two leaders, they both have similarities in their leadership skills. Both are confident in what they are doing and dominant in their own ways. They have good thoughts of bringing up new ideas and setting up goals and campaigns. The only difference in them is that one is a democratic and the other is an autocratic. In my opinion, President Barack Obama is a better leader because he reaches out to the public and has a friendly characteristic compared to Dr. Mahathir. He has made good decisions and helped his country recover from economical downfalls. Also, he has won the noble peace prize. From this, I would conclude that President Barrack Hussein Obama is a better leader and have more followers as well.

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Harriet Martineau Essay - 1056 Words

Harriet Martineau Although we think of sexism as a situation that has been dealt with, we still have much to learn. A key turning point in discrimination against women was the courageous actions of Harriet Martineau. Harriet was born in 1802, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Martineau. She grew up in a home without any encouragement for her education. Instead she was trained, as all other women in her life, to be a homemaker. However this did not stop her efforts to pursue her dream. Even though she risked exile from her family, friends, and society at whole, Harriet continued her studies of women’s lesser role in the social aspects of life. Harriet described her childhood as a â€Å"burdensome experience† (Household†¦show more content†¦Soon after she joined a circle of writers and theologians in London. Working with such famous people as: Charles Babbage, Thomas Carlyle, George Eliot, Florence Nightingale, Charles Dickens, Thomas Malthaus, William Wodsworth, Charlotte Bronte, and Charles Darwin. As she kept writing she became more respected and her popularity grew quickly. Harriet first got a large reading public when she popularized classical economics with a series of anecdotes and short stories. She especially focused on the ideas of Thomas Robert Malthus and David Ricardo: Illustrations of Political Economy, 25 vol. (1832-34), Poor Laws and Paupers Illustraed, 10 vol. (1833-34), and Illustrations of Taxation, 5 vol. (1834). After she visited the United States she wrote Society in America (1837), which is her most popular writing used amongst sociologists today, and Retrospect of Western Travel (1838). She also wrote How to Observe Morals and Manners (1838), which was another admired writing of hers. â€Å"Her writings in How to Observe Morals and Manners offered a positivist solution to the correspondence problem between intersubjectivity, verifiable observables, and unobservable theoretical issues (Hill,† After this she felt she needed to approach the subject of the Abolition Movement and repudiated laissez-faire economics favoring a moreShow MoreRelatedThe Social Theories of Harriet Martineau831 Words   |  4 PagesThe Social Theories of Harriet Martineau For the most part, men are usually credited when it comes to Sociological Theories and explanations. Women were given little attention if any, when it came to matters outside of the household. One woman in particular managed to stand out in the 1800’s despite the plague of gender inequalities during her time. She not only stood up against sexism but also used her Sociological perspectives to fight for women’s rights, the well being of children, suppressionRead MoreHarriet Martineau, The Founding Mother Of Sociology924 Words   |  4 Pagesthe late 1800s that a woman, Harriet Martineau, emerged as the founding mother of sociology. Inspired by Auguste Comte’s perspectives on positivism, Martineau advocated the use of scientific method and logic in sociological findings. She brought her sociological thought and studies to the United States and added a feminist voice to the field; calling for suffrage and education, she used applied sociology to advocate for change (Diniejko, 2010). Before Harriet Martineau, sociology was a field dominatedRead MoreHarriet Martineau : An Early Western Sociologist1229 Words   |  5 Pages Harriet Martineau (Sociologist) Harriet Martineau is an early Western sociologist who was born June 12,1802 in Norwich England. Harriet Martineau has come to be known as the founding mother of sociology for both her theoretical and empirical work. Martineau was one of the first women journalists, she also worked as a translator, speech writer, and wrote acclaimed novels that spoke on pressing social issues. Harriet has published over 50 books and over 2,000 articles in her lifetimeRead MoreEssay about The Sociological Framework of Harriet Martineau1007 Words   |  5 PagesThe Sociological Framework of Harriet Martineau Over the past twenty years, sociology has gone through a process of self-evaluation, as field researchers and observers express a wariness about the empty universalism of speculative systems and look for ways in which to secure empirical foundations that give way to meaningful application in a pluralistic, postmodern world. The survival of sociology as a critical theoretical discipline is a concern expressed by many, such as contemporary social analystRead MoreShifting Women s Views By Harriet Martineau And Dorothy Wordsworth990 Words   |  4 PagesVictorian periods of British history, we also witness the emergence of an inner consciousness of women, which denounced those accepted by society at the time. This is illustrated through observing the parallels and contrasts within the writings of Harriet Martineau and Dorothy Wordsworth. The inner reflections of these women writers not only rejects the â€Å"Angel in the House† ideal placed upon women, which is found in â€Å"Th e Paragon† by , but also contradicts those illustrated in â€Å"My Last Duchess† and â€Å"Porphyria’sRead MoreThe Publisher Of Our Sociology Textbook861 Words   |  4 PagesThe quiz can further test my retention of the knowledge in the chapter. The results are given right away, so I will know what to improve on. Three renowned sociologists whose lives I have explored are Charles Horton Cooley, Jane Addams, and Harriet Martineau. I chose to look up Charles Horton Cooley because I liked that he preferred to look at smaller units first when using the sociological perspective. I was surprised to learn that he was quite introverted and insecure, but glad to know that heRead MoreThe Rise Of The Industrial Revolution937 Words   |  4 Pagesgovernment intervention, called the laissez-faire political economy, so that they could act on self-interest in order to create greater goods for the greatest profit. A notable philosopher who strongly defended the new economic system was Harriet Martineau. Harriet Martineau was a classic liberal who firmly believed that workers should leave their wages to the supply and demands of the free market. She defended the laissez-faire system because she believed that the competition in the market would leadRead More Cousin Marshall and the Role of Responsibility, C harity, and Suffering783 Words   |  4 PagesSuffering Harriet Martineau, in her story â€Å"Cousin Marshall,† addressed the separate spheres of work and responsibility between a husband and wife in the figures of the Mrs. Bell and Mrs. Marshall. Martineau intended the story to act as a lesson to her readers and this is reflected in the dualistic portrayal of the two women. Cousin Marshall is portrayed as the height of womanly responsibility and suffering while Mrs. Bell is portrayed as a blight on society. Martineau assigned the financialRead MoreThe Unique Character Of America And The American People1721 Words   |  7 Pagesis also resonant in some of the works of the 19th century. For instance, Henry Thoreau and Harriet Martineau also described the uniqueness of America’s landscape and appear to romanticize it as well. In Thoreau’s Walking he used the physical action of walking to discuss the wilderness of America and the influence the wilderness has on creating the idea of a distinct American people. Similar to Thoreau, Harriet Martinue Society in America discusses the unique character of the American people. ComparativelyRead MorePolitical, Religious, And Social Institutions861 Words   |  4 PagesGroup B Question 4 Harriett Martineau can be considered the first sociologist, she not only influenced Marx’s work on the political economy, but brought positivism to the English speaking world. Martineau was the first to collect data through observation, and speak for and to the people. Martineau s reflections on Society in America, are prime examples of her sociological methods. Her ideas in this field were set out in her book How to Observe Morals and Manners. She believed that some very general